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  • Frosted Window film for your office

    We fit window film

    Creating privacy in the work place without clutter or reducing the light. Over the recent years frosted film has become more popular, a modern solution to providing privacy within open plan offices. The advantages being it is quick to apply (if you ask a professional) cost effective and doesn’t block out the light significantly, which...

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  • UV Protection in your home

    UVShield window film

    Your art and furniture deserve to be protected from the heat and direct sunlight. Direct sunlight shining onto pieces of art on your wall will damage pictures and cause fading and irreparable damage. What is your art worth to you? You might decide to move your art onto a wall that is not affected by...

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  • Window film can reduce the heat.

    window film provides sunshine protection

    It is hot out there! There is no getting away from it we are having a serious heat wave here in the UK. We are all sitting in our homes which are stifling hot and wondering what we can do to cool it down. Looking at the weather report this unbelievable weather is due to...

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  • Is your office too hot?

    Window film to reduce glare

    Reduce the heat in your work place! As the intensity of the sun and the light level increase, you may find the angle of the sun beams is making working in your office or at your computer extremely difficult. But having bespoke fitted blinds is too expensive and not the look you want. Be summer...

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  • Window Film provides affordable solutions.

    Frosted film for privacy

    Window film for all your window needs. Window Film is an easy to install solution that can significantly change light levels offering UV protection, privacy and provide added security to windows. It is easy to apply and can be used on all windows within the home, and is also used in shops, offices and public...

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  • What is a window manifestation?

    You are possibly not alone when you ask, what is a manifestation? What is its relevance to windows? A flick through the dictionary reveals a wonderful selection of possible descriptions and all offer us a little idea or indication. Manifest – that may be easily seen with the eye, to make clear, the act of...

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  • Window film for every window

    Window film can be a terrific net curtain alternative – and it’s the latest trend, UV Shield Window offer a large variety of film suitable for all windows. It is fast becoming the preferred window privacy alternative and it’s very affordable and easy to apply. For years people have been slowly switching to an exciting...

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