What type of window film do I need?

Once you have decided that window film will offer you a solution to sun glare, vital UV protection, privacy or heat reduction, you may be faced with the small dilemma of deciding which exact type is best suited for your project.

Window films have many excellent properties as we know but getting the right one is important, a quick guide:

Frosted or White Out – is best for privacy. We currently offer frosted film but if you want white out please get in contact.

Manifestations – window film shapes that offer people awareness of a large glass expanse – these can be business logos or shapes.

Tinted film – Neutral 20, 35 or 50 – film that has been designed to protect against sun glare and offers UV protection with heat reduction. The number associated with the film denotes the level of protection.

Suncool – a film to keep you cool offering very high UV and heat protection, it can be used on polycarbonate (plastic) and glass, so ideal for conservatories.

100 Micron Safety film – safety film is clear and very strong, it is used to protect glass from shattering therefore an ideal for security deterrent with brilliant health and safety benefits for use in public spaces.

What is Neutral 20 Dark Solar Window film?

Neutral 20 window film allows 20% of light in, effectively stopping 80%. To do this it is a dark film and ideal for roofs and is used extensively in conservatories or where the sun glare needs to be managed.

What is Neutral 35 Medium film?

This is currently the most popular and versatile window film. It allows 35% of light in and offers a medium tint and helps control sun heat and is ideal for all windows applications.

What is Neutral 50 Solar Glare film?

Large expanses of glass can benefit from this sun glare reduction film offering a light reduction by 50%, greatly reduced sun, heat glare and reducing damaging UV light.

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