Frosted Window film for your office

We fit window film

Creating privacy in the work place without clutter or reducing the light.

Over the recent years frosted film has become more popular, a modern solution to providing privacy within open plan offices. The advantages being it is quick to apply (if you ask a professional) cost effective and doesn’t block out the light significantly, which is extremely important. As no one wants to work in a dark oppressive office.

We have been busy fitting metres of frosted privacy film to office glass partitions to provide defined spaces. We are able to order and fit your film quickly, with no hassle and minimum interference to your working day.

If you are considering the options, perhaps you need to reduce some unwanted sun glare, create some privacy or add a modern touch to your home or office space, get in contact.

We provide a full fitting service to residential properties, just ask us for details.

We are always happy to help you make your living and working space more comfortable.