Is your office too hot?

Window film to reduce glare

Reduce the heat in your work place!

As the intensity of the sun and the light level increase, you may find the angle of the sun beams is making working in your office or at your computer extremely difficult.

But having bespoke fitted blinds is too expensive and not the look you want.

Be summer ready.

Window film is fast becoming the popular option. With a range of tinted window film to offer an excellent easy to install solution.

Depending on how much light glare and heat you wish to reduce we recommend:

Light tinted film reduces heat by 36% and glare by 32%

Medium tinted film reduces heat by 43% and glare by 48%

Dark tinted film reduces heat by 53% and glare by 73%

Keep the sun glare under control, cool your environment and make working when the sun shines a more enjoyable experience.