100 microns Clear Safety and Security Film

UV Shield Security and Safety Clear Window Film helps to protect glazing from accidents, burglars and vandals by holding the glass in place under continued impact. The glass will crack but the film will hold the pane of glass in one piece – impeding access to your premises through the glass and preventing broken shrapnel of glass shattering across the floor.

Once fitted, if the glass is broken by violent impact, accidental damage or even bomb blast the glass will shatter but the shards are held in place, reducing the risk of dangerous flying glass that may cause serious injuries or even fatalities. Supplied online in 100 microns thickness, for heavy duty security and safety window film. As with all of the window films in our range, UVShield Security and Safety Window Film filters out 98% of the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Once applied, it will upgrade the glass to comply with BS EN 12600 (BSEN12600 / BS12600). BS EN 12600 has now replaced BS6206 class B and BS EN12600 safety film should be used wherever BS6206 film was specified previously.

Ideal for shops, schools, hospitals, public spaces and care homes.

View our video on how to fit window film here.

Full fitting instructions can been seen here.

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