Suncool Conservatory Polycarbonate Window Film

Is your Conservatory too hot?

A heat reflective, anti-glare, solar control, solar film affordable solution that when applied to your conservatory glass or polycarbonate can reduce temperatures, reduce glare and help reduce fading.

During the summer internal conservatory temperatures can reach over 120 Degrees and in the winter fall to near freezing, creating an uncomfortable room for plants and people. The glare from the sun can make reading and viewing computer screens difficult causing eyestrain and the sun’s UV rays will increase fading on furnishings and fabrics.

Why not enjoy your Conservatory all year round

Even in summer heat and in the winter low temperatures and reduce your carbon footprint.
A cost effective way of insulating your conservatory with window film for those winter months and keeping the temperature more consistent all year round up to 80% of your heat is lost through your conservatory roof in the winter.

Up to 80% of the sun’s heat and glare penetrates your conservatory mainly through the roof. Reduce the effects of uncomfortable heat build up with high performance suncool roof film its metalised coating continuously reflects away the incoming solar heat, cost effectively providing a dramatic reduction in heat penetration.

In comparison to window blinds, window film does not attract dust and insects unlike window blinds. Blinds can be excellent at reducing glare but solar heat will still build up between the blinds and glazing then circulate within the room.

Suitable polycarbonate roofs. Performance Data

  • Solar Energy Rejected
  • Glare Reduction 76%
  • Ultra Violet Rejected 99%
  • Sun`s Heat Rejected 68%
  • Product Warranty 8 years

View our video on how to fit window film here.

Full fitting instructions can been seen here.

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