UV Protection in your home

UVShield window film

Your art and furniture deserve to be protected from the heat and direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight shining onto pieces of art on your wall will damage pictures and cause fading and irreparable damage.

What is your art worth to you?

You might decide to move your art onto a wall that is not affected by direct sunlight or alternatively you can place anti-glare film on your windows, which will reduce the damaging UV rays and reduce the effect of sunlight damage.

It is easy to fit, affordable and a great solution to protect your precious art that you love.

Equally furniture will fade and become worn and brittle if it positioned to be in direct sunlight, and over time you might discover that your sofa is different shades of one colour.

The sunlight that penetrates through windows can do a lot of damage to soft furnishing and cause colours to fade. There are different types of film that can help combat the UV rays and protect your home and your belongings.

Take a look at our anti-glare film  range of window film to find the solution or contact us for advice.