What is a window manifestation?

You are possibly not alone when you ask, what is a manifestation?

What is its relevance to windows?

A flick through the dictionary reveals a wonderful selection of possible descriptions and all offer us a little idea or indication.

Manifest – that may be easily seen with the eye, to make clear, the act of showing something publicly.

Window manifestations fit all of these descriptions, and are most often used on large expanses of glass to help prevent injury. Mainly manifestations are circles or squares of frosted film that are fixed to windows to help people to recognise it is glass and not a clear open space. With the popularity of manifestations and usage of window film, more clever and original designs are now being introduced.

We are now being asked to install and create bespoke manifestations to include business logos or with specific design requirements adding further interest to a glass expanse.

Next time someone asks; what is a glass manifestation, you can be the first to let them know!