Window film can reduce the heat.

window film provides sunshine protection

It is hot out there!

There is no getting away from it we are having a serious heat wave here in the UK.

We are all sitting in our homes which are stifling hot and wondering what we can do to cool it down.

Looking at the weather report this unbelievable weather is due to last for a few more weeks yet. The garden is dry and crisp, plants wilting and the temperatures in our homes are rising.

Did you know: opening your windows is not the answer to keeping the house cool. In fact, this may even make temperatures rise. Instead draw the curtains, pull down the blinds, shut the windows and block out the suns glare to keep the temperature under control.

And UV Shield Window Film can provide another easy solution – buy and fit dark tint window film to the windows receiving the biggest sun assault.

Dark tint film can:

Reduce the sun’s heat by 53%
Reduce the sun’s glare by 73%
Reduce damaging UV light by 99%

What a great solution to reducing the glare, direct heat and glare from the sun.

It is easy to install too. You might need our application pack.

We all love the sunshine, the warmth and heat but we still want to make sure our homes are bearable and keep cool.