Window film for every window

Window film can be a terrific net curtain alternative – and it’s the latest trend, UV Shield Window offer a large variety of film suitable for all windows. It is fast becoming the preferred window privacy alternative and it’s very affordable and easy to apply.

For years people have been slowly switching to an exciting variety of window film, making the infamous net curtains seem so eighties. Admittedly we may miss being able to move them aside for a better peek but really when you think about cost, ease of use and creating a clean clutter free window; window film seems to win with little contest.

Best of all window film doesn’t discriminate about window types, shapes or sizes and can be cut to fit every space perfectly. You can choose between plain film, patterned film, tinted film, silver coated film or you could even design a bespoke pattern to suit your home, business or room.

Window film not only offers you privacy, if required, but can be used for insulation, protection against UV rays, aesthetics plus health and safety.

Best of all window film is easy to fit yourself but for bigger applications you may wish to call in the experts. At UV Shield Window film we have over 20 years of experience installing window film and still enjoy ensuring your projects goes to plan.

Why not throw away those old net curtains away and modernise your home, the office or business with an affordable, good looking alternative?

You can buy our window film on-line here or if you would like more advice and guidance please get in contact with us.