Window Film provides affordable solutions.

Frosted film for privacy

Window film for all your window needs.

Window Film is an easy to install solution that can significantly change light levels offering UV protection, privacy and provide added security to windows. It is easy to apply and can be used on all windows within the home, and is also used in shops, offices and public spaces to help create different zones, highlight large panes of glass, provide privacy and additional security.

Converting levels of light can make spaces more tolerable in times of high sunshine whilst also reducing UV harmful rays, reducing sun glare that can damage furniture, artwork and carpets.

Silver reflective film can bring a sense of modern living and provides an ingenious way to provide privacy whilst allowing those inside to see out. However, do beware as the light levels adjust and the light within is brighter than that outside the reflective film works in the reverse. It is often used in office where daytime privacy is required and at night offers a secure way to monitor who is in the building.

Window Film from UV Shield is an affordable way to change your living and working spaces, provides privacy, security and can cools your conservatory in the heat of the summer. Making the most of your living spaces, protecting your furniture from harmful rays and your precious art and soft furnishings means window film is fast becoming a wonderful affordable way to reflect unwanted heat and harmful UV rays.

UV Shield stocks frosted film, tinted film, Suncool film, Security film and offers free samples and free postage on all orders. UV Shield Window Film also offers cut to size film, so you only buy what you need, we provide a 1cm edge extra to all received measurements to help with fitting. Please measure with care – as not all windows are even and in old house they can vary, always submit the largest measurement.